We’re back!

Well the site is back, we didn’t really go anywhere ourselves. The previous site called got hacked a few years back and I kind of lost interest in trying to resurrect it all.

Of course life got in the way and stuff in general. There are always other things to do aren’t there, and it was always a labour of love. I’d started the original site over 10 years ago and added to it as time allowed.

We’re still here in Girona after almost 14 years and now I’ve got more time. My thoughts were telling me I should restart the site. As with most things and places time doesn’t stop still and Girona certainly hasn’t. 

The big boom in cycling here has meant a bigger influx of tourists and professionals alike. Cycle teams like the place a lot and use the surrounding countryside for training, mountains in one direction and beaches in the other.

The climate is a big plus too. The pro-cyclists seem to have commandeered a lot of the new cafes and coffee spots, which many have been created with them in mind. 

Unfortunately my own mountain bike has remained more of a fixed decorational piece! Golf is more my thing, or rather pitch and putt.

At the moment things are quiet here, the latest Covid rules have put a stop to a lot of things. At least the sun is still shining today, mid November and 19 degrees.

Work on the new site is ongoing and may take a while to sort out, organise content and put up photos and videos.