Girona lockdown

With the latest lockdown restrictions it means we’re spending a lot more time indoors and boy is it boring.

For starters there’s a night time curfew between 10pm and 6am which forces us to remember to take the dogs out for the last time, just before curfew begins. Ordinarily that would be much later.

Bars, cafes and restaurants have already been shut for about 3 weeks, only take away allowed but that’s not enough for these owners. Some young friends who run a bar are trying to find work, any work elsewhere. The various regions in Spain have their own rules, so in Madrid you can still eat and drink albeit not late.

You can still go cycling or running , hey-ho. My preferred pastime, playing golf is banned too. Can’t see there’s much risk there but a blanket no to all sports means longer dog walks. Even weekends are affected, no movement outside of your municipality-no nice Sunday drive to the coast. That’s been annoying the last few weekends as we’ve had sunny days touching the 20’s.

Walk through the old town and it’s eerily quiet, the only places open are the ice cream shops which are doing a roaring trade. The other beneficiaries seem to be the hordes of delivery app riders zooming around.

There might be some respite towards the end of November, who knows.