Girona street art

Street art, graffiti or urban art, it all adds up to the personal expressions or interpretations of an artist. Good or bad, you must decide. Explore the streets, nooks and crannies of Girona and you’ll come across various examples. 

Small and large, strange, mystifying, comical and fantastical. The one enduring aspect is that on many sites they don’t last long. Many a time I’ve ventured back to take a photo and what I originally saw had been replaced with a newer creation.

Girona even holds a Contemporary Urban Art Festival (Festival D’Art Urba Contemporari), it’s 8th edition was in September 2019

Stay tuned for future blog posts with the latest masterpieces as they appear!

No mother-in-law jokes please.
Any ideas? Answers on a postcard please.
Comic fantasy? Troubled childhood? Stuff of nightmares!
Good use of one of the supporting pillars of the rail viaduct.
A long standing feature on the side of an old factory.
A reference to women fighters during the Spanish Civil War.